The Hole

Today i got a bad news from my colleagues. They said that one of our lecturer passed away 😦 What a shocking news since he is such a kind man, my last contact with him is when he became a lecturer on our education training held online last year.

I still can’t believe the news.

It’s like “why him? he is just a nice guy, great lecturer, a humble person, but why him?” Even though i’m not that often to have him in my education training but i have a good feeling about him every single time he’s choosen as a lecturer.

God.. why?

The thing i want to write down this time is about how actually life is sooooooo precious!

Life is to live. Death is not just about the number or even worse : NEWS HEADLINE, as if death is normal thing in our daily life. Indeed, people will die eventually. But hey! Can we just appreciate the death?

Do you ever consider how broken their family’s feeling are?

Do you ever think about how their family facing the next days without their special one?

Yeah, when the death comes, colleagues and relatives coming by, having their condolence to the family, and that’s it! It happens only in few days, what will happen next? It’s just an empty hole. A deep dark empty hole that no one will know how it feels but the family itself. The left one has no choice but come to terms with the situation. They have to get used to it no matter how hurt and how hard it is having a same daily routine without their loved ones.

I myself a kind of late for knowing this kind of things. It was my father’s death made me realize that life is precious. People coming and grieving for my dad, my house was full of them, and right after my dad was buried, those people were leaving one by one, leaving me alone, and i was getting numb.

Days after i had to go back to work, and my dad’s death already forgotten. My precious dad left alone. I’m not as good as him so that people won’t come for me, so here i am, alone, with the deep dark empty hole 💔

What i’m trying to say is : be nice, death is not just a news, death is painful for the left.

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    Turut berdukacita

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