This is our latest project (me and my youngest daughter), it’s called “sunflower”.

According to her weekly projects, Kiran was asked to make a sunflower. With a little help here and there -of course on her consent because basically i won’t help if she doesn’t want me to- and this is it our sunflower. Kiran did the forming, gluing, and coloring by herself which made me feel amazed realizing a 4 y.o. kid could do this kind of (for me) complicated task. And also a kind of relieved because Kiran and her bro sis are sooooo much better at drawing/art, unlike her mum 🤣🤣🤣

Actually it had to be done on paperboard to have the rolls stand steadily, unfortunately we didn’t have any, so i decided to stick a plain paper into a used calender, and wallaaa… now we had a DIY paperboard 😆

By the way, the reason i use “blessed” as the title of this post is because one of the purpose i write these blog posts is to be my legacy for my kiddos. I feel blessed because i have chance to do so, so that my children will have known me and have more memories about me, their mom.

I live for them 💖

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