Being A 4 y.o. Pupil

Well, Kiran got this kind of assignment from her kindergarten teacher. She was asked to write down or draw any kind of things that she’s been through or feel. Since she hasn’t been able to form some sentences correctly so that she choose to draw.

Right after she prepared the tools she need like drawing paper, coloring pencils, etc, she told me :

Mom, i think we have to be a sparing partner.

What do you mean, honey?

Yeah, since i’m not that into drawing right now, would you help me on it? (puppy eyes mode : ON)

Well, as you wish, Princess! (mom feels happy for being needed by her child 🥺)

And here it is “our” drawing

Not to mention how she loves pink so much, unlike her mom, sigh….

Btw, Kiran can write down the letters and spell her name and her siblings correctly, but she still can’t manage to write another words aaaand… of course i don’t ask her to do so, i just want to let her enjoy her time happily 😁

Well, that’s my 2cents today. Have a nice day!

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  1. asudomo says:

    Lucu juga sparring partner sama anak hehe

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